We started with a few questions.

How do we make and share special dining experiences in the midst of a global pandemic?


How do we support ourselves without risking the health and safety of our family and community?


And, how can we do this in a way that is nourishing to everyone involved?

Aliment Pasta Co. is our answer.

al·​i·​ment (verb): to nourish, to sustain

Aliment originates from the Latin word alere, which means “to nourish”. Our mission is to nourish and be nourished.

We believe

That the people who make and share special dining experiences should be as well and cared for as the people experiencing them. 


That people should have access to safe, special, joy-filled dining experiences in these COVID-19 times. 


That we need to stay nimble, diverse and resilient as the restaurant model we once knew crumbles.

We Make

Fresh, extruded pasta dinner boxes delivered to your door.


The boxes include everything you need to make a restaurant-quality pasta dish, plus some delightful extras.


All you need to do is boil water.


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