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How to whip up an easy butter sauce in minutes

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Cacio e pepe with bigoli pasta on a white plate

A butter sauce is a delicious pairing that works with almost any kind of pasta. The simplicity of the sauce allows the pasta to stand out, without sacrificing flavor.

First, put a large saucepan on medium-high heat and add 3-4oz of liquid (stock or pasta water works best). Bring to a rolling simmer and maintain while your pasta cooks.

Cook your pasta 70-90% of the way in boiling water, then remove the pasta carefully to your pan with another ounce of pasta water and 1 stick of softened butter.

Keep at a simmer, shaking and stirring the pan constantly to keep the pasta from sticking. Do this for about 1-2 minutes, giving time for the sauce to emulsify and the pasta to finish cooking.

Assess your sauce consistency with a spoon and taste. Adjust the seasoning: salt, pepper, and acid (we love white wine vinegar or lemon juice) to taste.

Top with parmesan and any herbs you’d like. Enjoy!


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