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Cappelletti pasta made by hand. Photo by Eliesa Johnson.

Delightful, local fresh pasta made for your business

Serve your customers food you can be proud of

A solution that fits your budget and staff capacity

We know that budgets are tight and staff hours are limited, especially now. Our wholesale options are cost-effective and designed to move quickly on the line.

Show your customers that you support local business

Demonstrate that your business is a part of the local food movement, and connect with customers who want to support sustainable businesses.

Be a part of the larger Twin Cities culinary community

It feels good to be embedded in the local community of foodies here. It's even better when you realize you can finally trust where the food you're serving comes from.

Quality you and your customers can count on

This pasta is a decade of expertise in the making. It's a taste you can't find anywhere else, and your customers will keep coming back for more.


Meet with us to discuss your business and unique goals.

Meet with us to discuss your business and unique goals.


Place your 



Serve amazing local pasta to your customers.


- Alex Dayton, Founder

Most pasta is made to maximize profit — cost comes before quality. Is that what we want in our bodies? In our restaurants? In our homes? At Aliment, we're not comfortable serving anything less than the best pasta possible. 

Let's discuss form

Let's discuss your pasta vision.

Thanks for reaching out!

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