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How We Make Fresh Pasta!

Ever wonder how hand-crafted pasta is made? Watch how Alex Dayton prepares Ravioli, Cappelletti, and Bowtie Pasta from scratch!

On September 1, 2022, the owner/operator of Aliment Pasta Co., Alex Dayton, spent the day at the MN State Fair teaching viewers about his brand.

The demonstration started with making fresh, hand-made pasta dough. In the same way Aliment started. From whisking Schultz's organic farm eggs into the Bakersfield flour mix, Dayton shows the entire process of mixing, then forming, pasta dough, flattening it using a pasta maker, and hand-crafting it into ravioli, cappelletti, and bowtie pasta.

This portion of the demonstration was followed by a live taste test. Dayton prepared his Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with a simple butter sauce to give viewers a chance to taste the Aliment product they can find in the local co-ops. And, of course, introduce them to the delicacy of fresh pasta.

While you won't get to participate in the taste test, view our demonstration in the video below!


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